Profile PictureVodou: Theology of Liberation

This film is about the Cosmological principles enshrined in Haitian Vodou as a syncretic theology rooted in West and Central Africa and how it shapes the perspectives and worldview of its practitioners, shedding light on why it was the essential ideological foundation off which the first Black Republic in the Western Hemisphere was founded.

It sheds light on its fundamental tenets and concepts to illustrate how it afforded the galvanisation and organisation of enslaved and Free Africans of different backgrounds spiritually, socially, politically and militarily to secure the most incredible victory ever recorded in Modern times; the sole example to date of successful revolutionary Pan-Africanism in action.

It also explores the stigmatisation of Vodou through the memetic constructions attributed to the label Voodoo and its fear-mongering depictions in the Media. It delves into Vodou theology as a sacred science of Nature and the positive impact it holds for practitioners and Afrofuturism.


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